Pure Colloidal Hyaluronic Acid spray

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1200 ppm, 150 ml

Who doesn't know Hyaluronic Acid? We have already described its beneficial characteristics in the description sheet of our leading cosmetic product, the 5HA or the Serum with 5 hyaluronic acids.


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The pure colloidal silver obtained by us is the evolution of colloidal silver and is produced with a particular patented electrolysis process, i.e. by the passage of the current in two pure silver electrodes (TITLE 1000%, selected for specific use) such as to being able to break down into ultra-fine particles (nanoparticles), which remain in suspension in the bi-distilled water, that is, without the presence of other metals or minerals that could compromise its qualities.

The whole PRODUCTION and PACKAGING phase takes place in sterile environments, and the product never comes into contact with machinery or metal containers, to keep it absolutely PURE.
The particles obtained by us have an average length of 0.5 nanometers so they can be assimilated very quickly by the body. The concentration of the silver parts is expressed in ppm, i.e. parts per million, or in the 20 ppm bottle (the percentage recommended by Dr. Caletti) there are 20 mg of silver in a liter of bi-distilled water.
It is delivered in dark bottles (because the light could damage it) of PHARMACEUTICAL PET and not in GLASS (the distilled water would collect ions from the glass causing the silver to precipitate). The bottles have a spray cap to avoid the use of metal spoons or anything else that could affect their effectiveness.

Bottle of 150 ml. Practical to spray directly on the affected part

fields of use: EXTERNAL USE

  • Apply to wounds, warts, herpes, psoriasis, acne, fungi and infections of the genital tract or skin or mucous membranes affected, open lesions such as ulcers, burns, lacerations of the skin or mucous membranes, gingivitis, otitis, conjunctivitis (bacterial, viral, allergies), itching and all skin diseases, spray several times a day or apply soaked in a gauze or plaster. Whatever its use, leave it to act for at least 6 minutes.
  • Exceptional and unsurpassed for the disinfection of hands (especially in periods of spread of viral epidemics, such as the Corona Virus or bacterial), of dishes, sanitary ware, taps, handles.
  • As a foot and armpit deodorant, with the possible addition of essential oil to personal liking, it becomes the perfect, non-toxic product par excellence, recommended especially for those who must not come into contact with ALUMINUM, present in all deodorants, such as patients with Multiple Sclerosis. TREATMENT OF ANIMALS AND PLANTS
  • Pure Colloidal Silver is also used in veterinary medicine for both mammals and birds and for reptiles, in all the situations already mentioned above and in general against all acute and chronic infections, for pets, working and from breeding.

  • Colloidal Silver is used effectively both on indoor and garden plants and flowers, and in agriculture on fruit and ornamental plants, against viruses, bacteria, microbes, spiders, insects. Spray directly on the trunk and leaves.


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