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General conditions of Sale

The General conditions of sale refer to the commercial activity of the e-commerce site In order to use the services and place orders on the site, the Customer must accept the general conditions indicated. By subscribing to the site or to the newsletter (it is sufficient to indicate your e-mail address) you will be informed about the promotions and news of

Validity of offers

The articles visible on the site are available while stocks last.

In the event of a charge or withdrawal relating to an unavailable item, Ketozona International Srl undertakes to offer a voucher or to reimburse the Customer within 15 days.

In any case, will inform the Customer via e-mail in case of purchase of an unavailable item.

Presentation of products

The products for sale are described and presented as accurately as possible.

In any case, customers who purchase food supplements are invited to check that the information indicated online and the original label affixed on the package sent fully correspond before using or opening the package.

Please note that the images of the products are purely indicative and illustrative, the packaging can be changed and the online update may not be immediate.

The customer is also invited to carefully check the expiry date of the product, before opening the package and using the product itself. However, in the event of a product that cannot be used because it has an expiration date exceeded, please report the case promptly to customer service, which will collect it.

All products are stored in the warehouses at a controlled temperature. However, during the summer period (June-September) chocolate-based products or snacks may be altered due to transport for the delivery of your purchase. will not be held responsible for the arrival of damaged or loose products at their destination. The same is true for all periods of the year for crumbly products that do not arrive intact.

Price of products

Prices are presented in euros, including taxes for Italy (VAT).

The VAT amount appears when the customer purchases the product. In the event of changes in the VAT rates, such changes may affect the final price of the items without the need for notification to the Customer.

Ketozona reserves the right to change its prices at a time; however, the products will be invoiced at the price in effect at the time the order is registered.

Information regarding

Company name: Ketozona International Srl

VAT number: 09509950961

Registered office: Via Parini 11, 20121 Milan (MI)


Registration number in the commercial register: MI-2094985

The Authority that granted the sale authorization is:

Local Health Authority ASL of Novara

Registered office: Viale Roma, 7, 28100 Novara (NO)

For additional information on current legislation and on the risks associated with the purchase of food supplements online, consult the website of the Ministry of Health:


Lot and expiry date are indicated on each product as per current legislation.

Non-EU countries

The prices for non-EU countries will be considered VAT excluded and ultimately agreed on the basis of the country, as well as the shipping costs.

Any order placed on the site and delivered to non-EU countries could be subject to any taxes, customs duties or documentation that are imposed when the package is delivered.

These rights, taxes and documentation related to the delivery of an item are the responsibility of the customer. is not required to verify customs duties, applicable taxes, or any documentation required.

We therefore inform you that, by ordering on the website, you will be considered the same as the official importer and you will be forced to comply with all the laws and rules of the country in which you receive the goods.

Cross-border deliveries may be subject to an opening and inspection procedure by customs officials.


The customer validates the order by ticking the appropriate box. Validation implies acceptance of the general conditions of sale.

Order changes

Once the order is confirmed, it is immediately sent to the warehouse for delivery.

Therefore we ask you to carefully check your order before confirming it, as once sent it will no longer be possible to modify it.

Possible reasons for non-delivery of the package by the courier

It may happen that packages are not delivered to the final recipient for the following reasons: unknown recipient, unclaimed package, rejected package, damage during transport, tampering, etc.

Reason for returning the package to the headquarters: unknown recipient or address anomaly

In these cases, the packages are returned to the sender by the courier because the recipient does not live at the address indicated.
When the package is returned to, this will contact the customer to resend the order if the product is still salable, or will proceed with the refund, also evaluating the customer's choice. reserves the right to proceed with the reimbursement, instead of sending the order again, if more items are detected and returned to the sender with an unknown recipient.
Reason for returning the package: "ABSENT / NOTIFIED"
Packages not collected by the customer at the courier's office or at the delivery point within the established terms will be returned to This will contact the customer to send the order again if the product is still salable, or will proceed with the refund, also evaluating the customer's choice. reserves the right to proceed with a refund rather than a new order if more items are returned to the sender with an unknown recipient, as explained in the "RETURNS" section.

Reason for returning the package: "REFUSED"

if at the time of delivery the customer refuses the package, it will be returned to the sender.

When the package is returned to, a voucher will be credited to the customer account within the following 72 hours. It is possible to request the cancellation of the voucher and the relative refund as explained in the "RETURNS" section.

In case of non-delivery of the order and the return of the goods to our office, the customer will be charged the relative transport costs incurred by

Therefore, any reimbursement will suffer a reduction equal to the relative transport costs incurred.

Parcel damaged

Sign with reservation in case of damaged package.


On all stages of access to the site, consultation, compilation of forms, execution of the order, delivery of items or on any other service, the company Ketozona International Srl exclusively assumes an obligation of intermediation. Therefore, Ketozona International Srl declines all responsibility for inconveniences or damages deriving from the use of the Internet and totally unrelated to the obligations and precautions adopted by Ketozona International Srl. In particular, all unforeseen events relating to the provision of the service, external intrusions or The presence of computer viruses will not be attributable to Ketozona International Srl. Similarly, anything that is a cause of force majeure pursuant to the provisions of the Court of Cassation totally exempts Ketozona International Srl from any liability. Customers enjoy the guarantees provided by the brands present on the site.

Ketozona International Srl declines all responsibility for orders placed by minors or incapacitated persons. The responsibility for any action carried out by these subjects therefore belongs to the parent or guardian.

The information and recommendations provided on this website have not been evaluated by the EMEA (European Medicines Agency) and are for educational purposes only. The products offered on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Any recommendations are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Seek advice from your doctor before using the products. Seek advice from a competent medical professional regarding the applicability of any recommendations consistent with your symptoms or condition. In the presence of pathologies or taking drugs, it is essential to consult your doctor before using the products. It is important not to reduce, change, or discontinue any medication or treatment without consulting your doctor first. The use of the site is under your sole and exclusive responsibility, as well as decisions relating to your state of health or any medical treatment. This site does not provide medical consultations and does not replace the advice of your doctor regarding your personal state of health.
The indications on the products are to be understood as a pure suggestion for use, the information on the nutritional or physiological effect attributed to the product is exclusively aimed at orienting the user in a suitable way towards a correct choice.
Information on nutritional or physiological effects is the sole responsibility of the supplier companies. The website reports on its technical data sheets the official data available on the manufacturers' websites, as well as for the aesthetic line. Therefore Ketozona International Srl declines all responsibility for the contents and their accuracy.
The only exception to this concerns food supplements. Remember that they are not curative products and therefore cannot boast any therapeutic properties. The indications, present on the site, refer to the use for the support of the organism in particularly difficult periods. The data sheets of each single product of the Supplements line and the articles hosted on the Blog of the website written by Dr. Caletti, Nutritionist Surgeon, clarify the function of the individual ingredients / products according to Science (through the relative bibliography) and interpretation which, in Science and Consciousness, are entrusted, by law, to the Doctor and therefore are not attributable to advice or purchase indications from Ketozona International Srl.


All products for sale on are covered by a legal guarantee of conformity provided for by articles. 128-135 of the consumer code.

The legal guarantee lasts two years from the delivery of the goods and must be asserted by the consumer within two months from the discovery of the defect.

The consumer can assert his rights regarding the legal guarantee by contacting directly.

In case of lack of conformity, must be contacted at:


The order processing time (the moment when the Courier takes charge of the package) is on average one day from the confirmation of payment of the Order (for the "advance bank transfer" method, this is represented by the crediting of the sum paid by the Customer to the bank account of the Company Ketozona International Srl and cannot be changed by sending the Customer proof of payment of the bank transfer). The parcel arrives at the Customer's address on average in one-two working days (BRT Express service). The above is not binding for, but absolutely indicative as problems of all kinds that slow down the flow of shipments, even if not the responsibility of, can occur at any time (the recent problem linked to Covid-19 is an example). will do everything possible to respect the times or even shorten them.

There may also be cases in which the indicated processing time is postponed by a few hours for technical / logistical reasons (no internet line, out of order cash collector or other). The time indication for same-day shipping (where present) may be subject to variations and delays for orders placed with a credit card payment method. Any such delay is attributable to checks carried out by credit institutions and credit card issuers.

In case of delay in delivery or non-delivery, contact customer service at

Free shipping

Upon reaching an expense of 200 euros calculated on the total purchases (net of the discounts that can be inserted in the cart), free shipping is applied.

Collection at Ketozona e-commerce

It is possible to collect your orders c / o at the Ketozona E-commerce operational headquarters in Via della Pace, 2, 28047 Oleggio (NO)

Orders can be placed online specifying "in-store pickup" as the payment method.

Before going to the operational headquarters to collect the goods ordered online, it is important to make a telephone appointment at: 0321514927.

Complimentary products reserves the right to add gifts to your order, which in any case may vary depending on availability at the time of order fulfillment.

Invoice request (Italian customers)

To request an invoice, simply Invoice request (Italian customers)


Intellectual property

All elements of the site, visual or sound, including the technology that supports them, are protected by copyright, the same applies to trademarks or patents.

All hypertext links that refer to the site and that use in particular the techniques of framing, deep-linking, in-line linking or other types of direct connection techniques are strictly and formally prohibited.

Without exception, all links, even if tacitly authorized, must be withdrawn at the request of

Nominative data, for service needs, reserves the right to collect personal data relating to users of the site.

Furthermore, reserves the right to transfer the data collected on its site for commercial purposes.

In any case, and in accordance with the provisions of the law, all users or customers of the site may at any time oppose the commercial use of their data and also avail themselves of the right of access, rectification and elimination of their personal data. Read here


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