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Pack of 10 units of 10 g.

Ketozona introduces haute patisserie among its products, a combination of science and truly innovative cuisine. Why settle for a probiotic capsule when you can enjoy an amazing sugar-free dark chocolate? Take the probiotic lactic yeast Kluyve-romyces marxianus fragilis, enjoying a delicious artisan pastry product


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Ketozona introduces haute patisserie among its products, a truly innovative combination of science and cuisine. Why settle for a probiotic capsule when you can enjoy an amazing sugar-free dark chocolate? Take the probiotic lactic yeast Kluyve-romyces marxianus fragilis, enjoying a delicious artisan pastry product.
In the overweight or obese people, in subjects taking antibiotics, in those who habitually consume sugars from any source and from various others circumstances, there is a constant risk of alteration of the microbiota intestinal, i.e. of the bacterial population that colonizes the intestine. An intestinal microbiota, together with the microbiome that makes it derives (the genetic heritage possessed by the microbiota, that is, the genes that the latter is capable of express) perfectly balanced play a number of fundamentals actions:
  • Digestion of some nutrients
  • Vitamin synthesis (e.g. B vitamins)
  • Stimulation of certain cells of the immune system
  • Protection of intestinal cells
  • Influence on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and on the serotoninergic system and therefore on the psychological aspect
  • Important barrier action against toxic substances, germs, etc ...

Therefore, when there were alterations in this sense, a balanced diet and supplementation with an adequate product could facilitate the return to normal of the intestinal microbiota.

This is why this particular chocolate bar was created which contains:

  • Dark chocolate with maltitol
  • Single-origin cocoa paste
  • FOS
  • Probiotic Kluyve-romyces marxianus fragilis with minimum microbial load of Probiotic Lactic Yeast per unit of consumption (about 10 g) of 10 million U
They are short-chain polymers that can be digested by a limited number of enteric microbes, thus favoring the natural selection of the most useful species, such as bifidobacteria. Numerous scientific studies have made it possible to associate the dietary presence of FOS with various benefits: hypolipidemic, hypoglycemic, antimicrobial, immunomodulatory and anti-carcinogenic activity
The probiotic lactic yeast KLUYEROMYCES B0399
It is a eukaryotic microbial strain that is particularly active in the production of beta galactosidase and B vitamins. Resistant to antibiotics and gastric acidity, characteristics not common among probiotics and which make it the ideal companion for all antibiotic therapies. The chitin content facilitates its adhesion to the epithelium of the intestinal villi, promoting the balance of the enteric microbiota. It has an anti-infective activity directed towards some species such as candida. It increases the digestibility of milky foods through the high production of B-Galactosidase (therefore recommended for lactose intolerant subjects). You can read his evaluation, pursuant to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, filed with Ministry of Health by Dr. Enrico Bottona, Dr. Giancarlo Parisi,

Dr. Maurizio Zilli-


Dark chocolate with no added sugar, with sweetener (cocoa mass, sweetener: MALTITOL (34%), cocoa butter, emulsifier: SOY lecithin, natural vanilla flavor), cocoa butter; single origin cocoa paste: Ecuador (Ar-riba); fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) probiotic lactic yeast (Kluyve-romyces marxianus fragilis Turval B0399).

Cocoa: 65% minimum.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE: It is recommended to take 1 tablet a day at least 2 hours after a meal (or snack)

Packaging: in bags of at least 10 tablets of 10 g - Net weight for each piece 10 g.



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